Monday, September 26, 2011

Yamsi Ranch

Barrett Productions sent me to the Yamsi Ranch, OR with two other videographers.  We flew there for a five day shoot with our host Tim (Worlds best caster) and our guide John.  It's going to be a fly fishing show for LL Bean's  Guide to the Outdoors.  Besides the crazy old woman, Girda, who cooks the meals, the ranch was an awesome place.  Girda is 81 years old (looks like she 100 and about to die - wow that's mean, but true), and is the grumpiest old woman I've ever met.

The Ranch is very secluded and they own eight miles of a private spring fed river (lower stretch of the Williamson).  The first day I just stayed at the ranch of filmed b-roll of everything going on at the ranch.  I got to learn the camera pretty easily and ran around the ranch like a mad man filming everything I could.  I also set up several time-lapses, which I'll show on the blog or youtube channel.

The next day I got to be a third camera for the fishing part of the show.  I waded through the tall grasses and water all day with a huge, heavy ladder and my camera.  I got high angle shots from the ladder from 8am until after sunset.  Tim and John caught tons of fish, so we already have the making for a good TV show.

The next couple of days we were able to get more creative with our shots because we had all the necessary ones.  We did a lot of underwater shots of both fish swimming around and underwater releases after they were caught.  I even got to do a little bit of fishing myself during our lunch break.
It was a fun shoot.  I work with some awesome videographers.  Tim was a blast to film because he's know as a "man-child''.  He's basically an immature, older man, who just cracks jokes all day.  We also got fed really well, and stopped at the Ten Barrel Brewery in Eugene on the way back.

Next show might involve canoeing somewhere in the midwest.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Working with Barrett 1080

I just got my first full time job as a videographer and thought it might be a cool thing to start blogging about it.  Barrett productions is contracting me for the month of September and then supposedly hiring me on with a salary gig come October.  Who knows what's really going to happen, but this blog will cover my journey as I try to make a living as a filmmaker and slowly work up the ladder to being a known cinematographer who films some bad ass shit!  That's the plan.

With my job, it sound like I'll be filming all around the world.  Although I'll be filming hunting and fishing, I'll try to update my blog with a videographers perspective of these shoots and the amazing places I'm hopefully taken.