Thursday, October 27, 2011

Arkansas' White River

Arkansas really sucks!  We arrived on a sunday and decided to go get some beer.  It turns out that we were in a dry county, so they told us we could get beer in the neighboring county.  We ended up going on a four hour beer run and came home empty handed.  You can't buy beer anywhere on a sunday in Arkansas.  The woman in the gas station told me "You're in the Bible Belt hun.  Aint nowhere sells beer on a Sunday."
Filming a fishing show at night does not work!  We spent three nights from around 10pm until sunrise trying to film our host, Conway and Joe Humpfrys (legend fly fisherman who is 83 years old) catch a record brown trout.  Ha!  That's a joke.  They caught I think a total of three fish and nothing of real size to film.
I was mostly an audio guy on this shoot, so learned a lot about mixing audio.  That was probably the only good thing about this trip.  Three days of filming and I don't think they're going to be able to make a show out of it.  Supposedly you can catch larger browns at night, so that was why we filmed at night.  But nobody is going to watch a show where they only catch small fish at night.  We would just sit in the dark and wait until someone said they hooked a fish.  We would then turn camera lights on and hope to document it.  No one was excited about this shoot accept for Joe.  He would not stop fishing.  Hands down the craziest 83 year old man I've ever met.
Well, now I'm sitting on a plane headed back to the deeper south, Texas.  Our next shoot is for the Toyota Texas Bass Classic.

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  1. Might be able to make an interesting video about "crazy joe" and his dedication to fishing even when the big ones weren't biting...!