Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ruger Inside and Out - Wyoming

I just got back from a cow elk hunt in Wyoming. It was for a TV show called "Ruger Inside and Out". A majority of the show is all about guns. The host, James Guthrie, knows a LOT about guns.  Since I know nearly nothing about guns, I felt out of place. I can run a camera and talk camera equipment or climbing equipment all day, but guns are not in my terminology. During lunch and dinner conversations I had little input while everyone else talked about guns.

We filmed the hunting segment with 13 year old Samantha shooting her first elk, which turned out great. The rest of the week we were predator hunting. We had an electric call where we repeated a dying rabbit on a loud speaker to call in Coyotes. Man, did I get sick of listening to dying rabbits. It is a weird line of work, but it gets me traveling, outside, and working with a camera.

Next shoot is in Guatemala!

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