Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shell Shocked

I flew into Kansas today to film a show called Shell Shocked.  The show is fast paced with lots of quick cuts, so I had to bring 5 cameras down with me.  The flight went smooth, I got my rental car, and drove to Hutchinson, KS. I ran around the city and filmed B-roll during the day, and was supposed to meet up with the host, Patrick Flanigan tonight.
Anyway, I get a text saying he missed his flight for reasons I can't discuss.  Our shoot was only supposed to be two days, so cramming it into a smaller time-frame would be impossible.  Ginger, the producer, called me just a little bit ago and decided to cancel the shoot.  So, I fly back to Missoula tomorrow.  You never know what's going to happen with these TV shows.  I guess I can view it as a good little break from the Montana winter : )

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