Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New SIC Wedding!

Jesse and I just finished editing a wedding we filmed in the Chicago area. It was my cousin's wedding and so Jesse got to meet almost all my family on my mom's side. The filming and editing process just confirmed what we already knew: that we work really well together, even in the fast-paced, crucial moments type of situations of filming a wedding and when creating and editing the compilation montage. I definitely learned a lot of filming and editing techniques. Editing allowed me to critique my own shots and expand my eye for artistic and well-planned shots for next time.
Rachel and David were such a great couple to film. They were both easy to work with and photogenic. That made picking which shot to use difficult because they looked good in every one of them! Their wedding was also beautiful, with the touches of fun, romance, and familial inclusivity that makes weddings so great. The wedding was also kind of a cultural experience for Jesse and I since they had a traditional Jewish wedding with the signing of the Ketubah (a Jewish marriage contract), breaking of the glass (with hearty shouts of "Mazel Tov!"), and the hora dance to the traditional "Hava Nagila" song (where the newly wedded couple is raised up on chairs). What a lively bunch of people!
Both Jesse and I felt lucky to have filmed this wedding. Take a peek at the video montage we put together:

And remember, if you're interested in a wedding video, or a video for any other event, we'd be happy to send you package and pricing information. 
Happy 4th!

And Congratulations to David and Rachel Kosoff!

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