Monday, July 30, 2012

Travel to Africa

I'm assigned to a job in Mozambique where I'll be filming a lion hunt. I packed pretty light with mainly camera gear and some clothes. My carry on is basically my laptop, camera and some lenses and everything else is put into one large pelican case. So I leave missoula and fly to SLC where I then connect to Atlanta.  Before departing they decide to kick everyone off the plane, so they can check some loose bolts (literally). They just kept delaying the flight, which was going to cause me to miss my flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. If I missed that flight then I would miss the connecting flight to Pemba, Mozambique, which only flies once every five days. Oh, the fun of traveling ; )
So, I was able to get on a different flight to Atlanta and had to run to make my connecting flight. I was that guy in the airport, where people look at you and go, "man chill out". At least that's what I do.
The Atlanta airport is huge (I think the busiest in the world) and now I was just worried that my bag would make it.  A cameraman is not much use without camera gear. 15 hours later we arrived in J-burg and there was no pelican case waiting for me.
We stayed the night at a fancy place called "Africa Sky Luxury Guest House." They had a pool, beautiful rooms, great food, open bar... Probably one of the nicer places I've stayed and it's only $250 a night. Ha-crazy.  But it is all inclusive.

Next day we went back to the airport and caught our flight to Pema.  It sucked having to leave without my luggage.  Once in Pempa we paid $80 for our visa and then got rushed to our next plane.  This was a little plane that just barely fit all of us and our stuff.  The flight was awesome because we got to see all the terrain we would be hunting in, wild-fires, beautiful coastlines, and then landed on a dirt runway in the middle of nowhere. It kind of reminded me of growing up in Papua New Guinea and landing at our village.


  1. Can't wait to hear what happened to your bag!

  2. The bags finally arrived 8 days late. I made do with the sparse equipment I had until then. I was worried I might never see them again because who knows in Africa.