Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feedin' the Cats

We are so busy on this trip that it's hard to blog everyday.  Jumbo, the owner of Kambako Safaris, is now filling in as our PH. Stu is being taken care of in Johannesburg.  It sounds like he will be all right, but it's going to take several surgeries to clean out and repair the damage. The good thing is that he's alive and in good medical hands.
Yesterday we checked lion bait all day and replaced some older bait with some good zebra and buffalo meat. We have cameras set up to see if any male lions are on bait. When we check the cameras it shows that we have a lot of leopards on bait and a couple of lions on one bait. There is one male lion, so our plan is to keep him on bait until we can tell if he's old enough. As we drive in to check that bait, we see nine female lions crossing the road. It's a pretty amazing sight. I never thought I would see so many lions on this trip. We drive up to the bait where there was a male lion and can tell the cats have been fed well. They devoured the meat, so we put up some fresh bait.  There are large paw prints in the dirt, so the trackers think this lion is large and mature.

After hanging the bait we move on to the next location and find that most of the lions are not eating our bait. It's hard to understand these cats and why they are not eating this meat.

I am still not over our accident the other day and am extra cautious every time we start walking around with guns. I've gained a much greater respect for guns and I'm always checking where the barrel is pointed. I'm know Tim is extra cautious, but I've learned to always be on my A-game and always stay away from the barrel.

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