Thursday, August 23, 2012

From The Bush To The Beach

We have chased lions for the past few days and for some reason they've all disappeared. Animals are unpredictable and although we had a few lions on bait, they decided to take off for some reason. We at least made some cats happy for a little while :) Tim shot an impala yesterday, which was a really easy, simple hunt and might add a little bit to the TV show.
I can honestly say, after Stu was shot, I just couldn't wait to get home. And now the time has come. We flew out of camp this morning and are now at the beach lodge associated with Kambako.  This place is amazing. No one is here besides Tim and me.  It's a huge resort with basically a private beach. This is by far the nicest place I've stayed with this job.  If I can forget what happened in the bush then this place makes the trip worth it. We are on the Indian ocean and the water is bath temperature with a large reef and awesome snorkeling for shells! I had to do a bunch of interviews, and film the lodge, but the second I had some free time I made my way to the beach.

There's a bunch of local woman fishing who take interest in my camera. They speak Portuguese here and I had no clue what they were saying, but they really got into posing for the camera. These women smiled and danced around while I snapped a few photos. Then, I headed back to the lodge to pack up again. It's a long flight home, but at least I got to relax a little bit before the journey back.

P.S. The climbing potential in Mozambique is unreal. This would make the coolest documentary: Climbing in the middle of Africa with guns to protect yourself from lions : )


  1. Do you know what those blue things are the women have? Like fish nets or something?

  2. They are fishing nets made out of mosquito nets that were shipped over as foreign aid to help stop malaria. They dye them blue so no one knows they were mosquito nets.
    Thanks for asking :)