Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't Rely on Rednecks

We were supposed to go squirrel hunting again, but it turns out that our "guide" got too drunk last night and decided to blow us off.  He wouldn't answer his phone and never met us at the dock.  Fortunately we knew where he lived, and Scott (our host) had some connections to get us another boat to get down there.  We had to find this guy because he had our mics and we needed him to sign an appearance agreement for TV.  He was at his house, drinking beer, and tried to act like it was no big deal that he didn't pick us up.  Needless to say, we left him and went squirrel huntn' on our own.
We had to trudge through swampy, muddy ground, trying to find squirrels.  Scott shot a few, but it was just a shit-show.  There weren't many squirrels and they were fast.  Trying to document it was impossible because before the camera could be on the squirrel, the shotgun would be blasting away at them.  We quickly learned why people stay in their boats.  I lost my shoe trying to hike through the mud and we ran into several snakes.  It's a perfect habitat for snakes and alligators, which they have lots of.  We saw some colorful snakes, but couldn't remember the saying for if they were poisonous or not. "Red on Black, friend of Jack.  Red on Yellow, kill a fellow." I just googled that and there were definitely some poisonous snakes out there.  The sun finally set, and we headed back.
Dinner made up for the rest of the day because I ate some great oysters, huge shrimp, and an amazing crab cake.

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