Saturday, November 12, 2011

Squirrel Huntn'

I'm down in Florida and we just had our first day of squirrel huntn'.  This is the most redneck place I've ever been.  I can't understand half of what these people say.  They live on the river in these small house boats and just shoot squirrels all day...and eat them.  We hung out at redneck camp almost all day cooking up squirrels, chickens, pork covered in bacon, ham, and some really good oysters.
Squirrels taste like shit! I bit into a tiny squirrel leg that was fried in oil and covered with some type of sauce.  I could barely pull the meat off of the bone it was so tough.  I tried to bite into it again and just ended up chewing on little bone fragments.
They hunt these squirrels with 12 gage shotguns driving down the bank on their boats.  We got to experience the squirrel hunt at the end of the day, but they didn't even get one squirrel.  I also forgot to mention that these people are all alcoholics and chain smokers.  By the time we got out hunting everyone was drunk and could barely steer a boat, let alone shoot a squirrel with a shotgun.  Fortunately no one got hurt, and we get to experience it all over again tomorrow.

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