Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Python Hunting at Night

The next morning we decided to film the cooking segment of iguanas.  Our chef has written an iguana cookbook, but while filming him it was apparent that he hasn’t really cooked that many iguanas and doesn’t know that much about cooking.  It only took us about an hour to film this part and we even got to try the iguana.  It didn’t taste that bad.  Bill, the other cameraman, wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Later that day we drove back across the state to the everglades for some more python hunting.  We went out at night this time.  We pretty much just drove around trying to spotlight a python.  We got out and walked on the edge of the swamps for a little bit, but it was a waste of time.  No pythons were to be found.  Non-the-less, we still got our hands on one for the cooking segment.

The producers for this show didn’t do their research very well because pythons really aren’t supposed to be eaten.  Their mercury levels are extremely high due to them being on top of the food chain.  They still cooked it and ate it, but I stayed away from eating any python.

The last morning I did a photo shoot with Scott, the host.  They needed and advertisement photo for the 15 magazines that Intermedia Outdoors owns.  They were going to send their own photographer, but I had my DSLR along, so I just did it for an additional fee : )  It might also be sweet to have some photos published in a bunch of magazines.

I don’t really know my next job assignment, so I’ll just continue flying my cinestar and working on our show.

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