Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pythons and Iguanas

Flying over the Missions in Montana

Nothing seems to go right on these "Dead Meat" shows.  Day one we rode on airboats to go pythons hunting in the everglades.  The airboats are pretty sweet because they can go anywhere due to the huge fan that pushes the boat, but they are load and expensive.  It cost $300/hour for an airboat.

I only brought my chacos and didn't quite expect to be trudging through snake infested swamp.  For some reason I thought we would be staying on the boats, but that wasn't the case.  We didn't end up finding any pythons or any snakes for that matter.  It was just an expensive boat ride through the hot and humid swamp.
   My Hotel on the Gulf of Mexico.  The host and Bill thought
      it was a dump, but I thought it was pretty sweet.

Day two - We drove across the state to the golf of mexico to go iguana hunting.  We took a boat to another island where there were supposedly huge iguanas that need to get killed.  The iguanas are non-native reptiles that are killing all the other animals, so they need to be removed.  I stood and filmed on the deck of an unoccupied mansion as we waited for iguanas to come out.  Sure enough, they appeared from their holes and we filmed one being shot.  I was filming another iguana when a wasp decided to sting my hand.  Our guide freaked out, thinking that I was attacked by an "africanized bee".  He told me to run back to the boat and we all left the island.  I guess these bees leave their scent on you, so all the other bees can find and attack you.  It turns out that it was just a wasp.

We headed back to town to hunt iguanas out of a golf cart.  The iguanas in town were more like geckos and our guide shot them with a little air gun.  It made for some pretty stupid TV.

Next up - eating iguana and night hunting pythons

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