Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shell Shocked - SD

Just got back from an amazing shoot in South Dakota.  Well...Amazing might be a little sarcastic.  We filmed two episodes of a Sportsman Channel show called "Shell Shocked".  This is what we were supposed to film in Kansas, but the host, Patrick Flanagan, never showed up.  Patrick lives in this area so he had no excuse to not show up.

We stayed in the town of Deadwood and then filmed everything at a shooting range.  Jake and I had to manage eight cameras for this shoot.  We got just about every angle a person could get for a shotgun show.  Patrick challenges different people at their shooting sports and then has them try one of his shotgun challenges.  He is pretty awesome with a shotgun, but that's all he shoots, so he kind of sucks with any other gun in his hand.  

It is nice to film everything in one location and makes the filming pretty easy.  The first two days flew by and were not too bad, but then we started to run out of creativity.  There is only so much you can do from a creative standpoint at a shooting range.  There were usually a bunch of different targets so we had to set up the go pros, a Contour HD cam, a little CX camera, and then Jake and I tried to man two Sony Z7's and our big XD Cams.  It was a lot to manage and was a good experience, but four days of that was enough.

We got done early one of the days and decided to be tourists and check out Mount Rushmore.  Man, I felt like a total tourist.

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